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EasyAd makes ad sales easy and provides total control

You set the price and pricing model, you own the customers, you choose ad format and placement, it is all up to you. EasyAd provides a fully integrated solution with payment processing, ad serving, reports, ad builder and scalability.

EasyAd provides a tool for effective increasing the ad revenue from small - to mid size advertisers through direct sale. You will experience incremental revenue that is served more profitably.

Together with EasyAd your sales force can work even more effective. They can focus on the big clients and at the same time recruit already established advertisers from the self-serve pool when they`re big enough. 

You can use EasyAd for a specific self-served ad location, or all across your site for unsold inventory. You can use EasyAd directly to advertisers, or towards media agencies with own logins and provision.

The transition from selling traditional media (print, radio, television) to selling digital media can be challenging for many media organizations. EasyAd for publishers offers a simple and effective tool to ease this transition.

EasyAd supports all platforms such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

Monetization Segmentation
Increase revenue with an efficient booking process for your small-to-midsize clients. Let them book, produce the ad and pay in a 3-step process and you will both recruit several more customers, and get higher margins. Reduce costs, provide a number of self-serve display products, better user experience, and keep users on your site longer by specific and vertical based display ads.
Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Optimization Multi-Ad Production & Multi-Media Optimization
EasyAd make your display ads conveniently available to your audience on any platform. We seamlessly introduce your clients to online display advertising on all platforms. We provide your advertisers the option to create a number of different display ads and format within seconds in one simple placement process, and have each ad optimized for the medium it is to be displayed on.

Geo Targeting Integration/API
Geo, or location targeting, allows you and your advertisers to configure ads so advertisers can target specific geographic areas like states or even down to individual cities, with pricing flexibility so higher prices can be achieved per geo. EasyAd can be integrated into various other systems such as ad serving systems, CRM systems and payment gateways. With EasyAd you can create automated ads in multiple formats for your customers based on data from your API, with one click!

Simple Administration Proven Platform
Save time and reduce administrative frustrations with an easy and streamlined ad approval process. The ads are generated from already existing content and are adjusted by EasyAd based on predefined parameters. Decrease risk by using this proven platform tested by small-to-enterprise publishers and publisher groups.
Cost Savings 
Ask us about our performance-based model.  



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