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About Us

EasyAd is a leading technology provider and solution for self-served display advertising. Our focus is to help publishers and classified sites with display advertising. Today we deliver dynamic upsales products to premium publishers/classified sites all around the world. We are an independent and highly competent technology provider that develops and operates our technology, so our clients can continue to focus on their ad sales business and maximize revenues.

Since 2008 we have been combining outstanding technology and commercial insight to improve the business of online actors. We believe that hard work and excellent solutions need to come together with commercial expertise and market insight. We use our technology to help publishers and advertisers increase their revenues. Our basic idea is that knowledge and innovation is best done in collaboration with our customers and their complementary knowledge, and it all takes place in a transparent and effective process.

We have clients in more than 10 countries including some of Europe’s premium publishers. In the summer of 2011, EasyAd was acquired by the Norwegian Media Group, Schibsted.

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