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ADAI - Introducing our Artificial Intelligence

EasyAd offers an automated booking system and Artificial Intelligence on social media for classified sites.
We give your ad max relevance on social media with smart targeting. Our predictive models automatically targets the people you need to reach. We call it ADAI.


Traditional GEO targetingTargeting with ADAI

Traditional GEO marketing targets everyone in one
specific area. This gets your alot of reach, but no
results because you won't find the people you really
With targeting from ADAI's algorithm, you will
find the best suited target groups which makes
results better and more cost effective.

EasyAd helps classified sites and their advertisers establish smart targeting on multiple social media platforms. This increases relevance, reach, CPC and CTR - which makes ads cost effective for customers.

Our booking system programmatically books ads on social media with smart targeting. This can also happen without the customer even being in our systems with our automatic booking.


Ad Optimization
ADAI makes your classified content conveniently available with smart targeting on any social media platform through customized and optimized ads. Lower your click price, increase your CTR and multiply your reach with smart targeting assisted by ADAI. ADAI is an Artificial Intelligence that uses a customized algorithm to predict who your ad should be targeted to. Based on the data from your ad it will crunch and process big datasets and optimize target groups so your ad gets the best result in the end.

Geo Targeting Audience Targeting
Geo, or location targeting, allows you and your advertisers to configure ads so advertisers can target specific geographic areas like states or even down to individual cities, with pricing flexibility so higher prices can be achieved per geo. Using ADAIs algorithm will boost ads even more. ADAI finds, not only the number one target group, but the top three target groups. Covering more than one part of the success criteria will give you a larger reach.
Viral Ads Automated
Make your ad go viral! We know that ads on social media need comments, likes and shares to be effective. ADAI optimizes viewers interaction. ADAI learns about properties multiple times every day, and the whole process happens automatically. It crunches and processes big datasets in seconds. This is what makes ADAI so special.

Cost Savings
Advertisers are used to pay for reach, but the reality is that the ones who see your ad are not interested in clicking your ad at all. ADAI is a game changer, it knows who is interested in your ad, targets them directly and finds your buyers. This is more cost effective when you compare "cost per click" and "click through rate",



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